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The Brianna Rae Band

Storytelling Rock & Blues Rinsed in the Mississippi Mud

Driftless storytelling rinsed with rock and blues whispers from muddy banks of the meandering Mississippi River Valley. Low and raspy, Brianna’s true-to-definition alto voice draws comparisons to Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks while stimulating thought-provoking songs designed to tell stories about what shapes her reality. Brianna, an amateur genealogist with little insight into her roots, aims to tell stories cloaked in symbolism about her family lines and her general observations about the world around her. She draws inspiration from the vast network of rivers and valleys in the Driftless Region of the meandering Mississippi River Valley, culminating in songs characterized as “home-grown.” Featuring crunchy guitar tones mimicking the rocky outcroppings of the river valley, reliable, no-fluff stable key and bass lines, and anchoring rhythms, they are well-poised to make a splash in the musical landscape like children playing in the river. 


Brianna Rae

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Will Powers

Lead Guitar

Jeff Brezinka

Bass Guitar

Ross Koderl


Shelby Martin

Vocals and Keys

Shawn Martin

Vocals and Bass Guitar
Rest in Peace


The five members of The Brianna Rae Band bring a seasoned and well-rounded set of experiences backed by years of practice. Brianna’s earliest memories are of running around behind stages of all sizes while her father made a living as a bass player. Her playground was the dance floor. Naturally, that upbringing made her want to forge her musical path. Tragedy struck The Brianna Rae Band in 2022 when the founding bass player, Brianna’s father, suddenly passed away. Local La Crosse musicians stepped in to rally around them, and again the band found its groove with Jeff Brezinka, who kept the bass lines thumping away. Since its inception, Brianna’s mother, Shelby Martin, has provided vocal harmonies and brought her dependable keyboard work to the band’s atmosphere. Bringing a rich and smooth yet understated tone to the lead guitar, William Powers adds drive to the flowing and muddy sound mimicking the river for which the band is known. Rounding out the quintet with potent and engaging drum cadences, Ross Koderl is a vital asset to the sound rooted in the Northern swamplands with a gritty urban groove. All five personalities combine to create a balanced blend of influences that shape their songwriting and define their style.


With a zest for music that can only be described as “passionate,” The Brianna Rae Band is hungry to push its musical journey to its limit. Whether playing local haunts or festivals, they just want to spread positive experiences through music. From their perspective, they understand that every person has challenges in their daily lives, and if the band can lift spirits and foster a positive atmosphere, even if only for a few hours, they have done their job. Whether it is one person or a thousand standing in front of them at the end of a show, The Brianna Rae Band appreciates that their craft has brought people together. The band is working hard to develop, record, and distribute more songs curated for those who are driftless like these five souls who wander together amid sheer limestone peaks and the muddy yet mighty Mississippi. With time, they hope to tip the tables on their setlist from heavy selections of cover songs to an original standalone show that will command the room from start to finish. It’s all a work in progress, and The Brianna Rae Band is here to get their hands dirty no matter where their meandering takes them.

Upcoming Events


At A Glance…

Rumors Halloween Party 9 – 1

oct 28 – burr oak, wi


Thee OP 4 – 8 

nov 5 – lansing, ia

Popcorn Tavern 9 – 1

nov 10 – downtown la crosse, wi

Unplugged at Smokey’s 9 – 12

nov 18 – holmen, wi

Unplugged at Lake 11 Brewery

6:30 – 9:30

dec 1 – medford, wi

2023/24 Schedule

10/28/2023  – Halloween Party at Rumors Burr Oak –  9 PM – 1 AM

Burr Oak, WI

11/5/2023  – Thee OP – 4 PM – 8 PM

Beautiful Downtown Lansing, IA

11/10/2023 – Popcorn Tavern –  9 PM – 1 AM

Downtown La Crosse, WI

11/18/2023  – Unplugged at Smokey’s Bar And Grill –  9 PM – 12 AM

Holmen, WI

12/1/2023  – Unplugged at Lake 11 Brewery-  6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Medford, WI

12/2/2023  – Unplugged at Dewey’s Side Street Saloon –  9 PM – 12 AM

North La Crosse, WI

12/9/2023  – Whiskey River Bar and Grill –  8 PM – 12 AM

West Salem, WI

12/15/2023  – Unplugged at Smokey’s Bar and Grill – 9 PM – 12 AM

Holmen, WI

12/16/2023  – Jamie’s Last Resort –  7 PM – 11 PM

Osseo, WI

12/31/2023  – NYE at Robin’s Nest –  9 PM – 1 AM

French Island, WI

1/20/2024  – Fricken A Bar and Grill –  8 PM – 12 AM

Dorchester, WI

2/16/2024  – TBA

Red WIng, MN

2/17/2024  –  Robin’s Nest –  8 PM – 12 AM

French Island, WI

4/20/2024  – Robin’s Nest –  8 PM – 12 AM

French Island, WI

7/13/2024  – Gilligan’s in Chetek 5 PM – 9 PM

Chetek, WI

7/14/2024  – The Tree Stand – 3 PM – 6 PM

Gordon, WI

8/23/2024  – Ettrick Fun Days –  8 PM – 12 AM

Ettrick, WI

8/31/2024  – Gilligan’s in Chetek 5 PM – 9 PM

Chetek, WI

10/26/2024  – Robin’s Nest –  8 PM – 12 AM

French Island, WI

12/14/2024  – Robin’s Nest –  8 PM – 12 AM

French Island, WI


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